Naval fortress

Suurupi Naval Fortress and coast batteries

During The First World War, a grandiose fortification complex was built around Tallinn and named Peter the Great's Naval Fortress. 3 coast batteries and 3 searchlight stations were intended to be built on the Suurupi peninsula. Romanov Battery was planned to be established to the south of the Suurupi Rear Lighthouse. Its two armoured towers would have housed four 356 mm guns. Battery no. 2 with six 130 mm guns was supposed to be built at the seashore in the north-western tip of the peninsula and battery no. 3 with four 130 mm guns was planned for the northern coast of the peninsula. 3. Searchlights were planned to be placed in the vicinity of batteries no. 2 and 3 and to the north-eastern corner of the peninsula.

The Romanov Battery was never built. Only two square holes were blasted into the bedrock, where the gun carriages, ammunition cellars etc. were supposed to have been built. Battery no. 2 was also never built. By the spring of 1916, a battery with massive concrete shelters had been built, armed with four 234 mm guns.  In the woods, 300 m to the north-west of that battery, a rectangular concrete bunker was built, which housed a searchlight and a diesel generator. The searchlight could be moved on the railway tracks from the bunker to Kivista cape. Of battery no. 3, concrete shelters and gun carriages with parapets were completed. 800 m to the west of the battery, at the start of Nõmme cape, a concrete searchlight bunker was built, from where it could be moved on the railway tracks to the tip of the cape. A second searchlight bunker was built on the seashore to the east.

During the Republic, battery no. 2 was reconstructed as coast battery no. 6. The construction of coast battery no. 9 was started on the position of battery no. 3 in 1924. On January 1, 1927 the coast batteries  6 and 9 as well as their service buildings and authorities were merged into Suurupi Command.

In the summer of 1940, the Suurupi Naval Fortress was handed over to the Soviet Union. In 1941, the two rightmost shelters of battery no. 6  as well as the searchlight bunker near Nõmme cape were blown up. Suurupi coast battery was abolished in the 1960s, when such batteries ceased operation.


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